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Gomier Tree
The Gomier Heights development is an undertaking of Gomier Holdings Limited (GHL). The development and company are both named after the Gomier tree (dacryodes hexandra) which is widespread in that part of Morne Le Blanc. The company was formed primarily for the development of Gomier Heights. It is a registered company (Registration Number C042/2005) with a Board Of Directors and Managing Director. Its registered office is at Hibiscus Avenue, Blackbay, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.

Gomier Heights was conceptualized primarily to provide top standard residential housing lots for both the foreign and local market in a quiet, relaxing setting that is not far away from necessary amenities. Gomier Holdings maintains a high level of professional expertise to ensure development standards are of a high quality and that development takes place in an eco-friendly manner.

Property management, professional home construction and landscaping are also on the company's agenda.